Hydro Seeding



Hydroseeding is a one step process that can seed a lawn faster than other methods.  The seed is immersed in a nutrient rich slurry that promotes faster germination and can result in a sod quality lawn in record time.

  1.  Hydro seeding is a one step process.  The seed, fertilizer, a protective mulch and a tackifer that will hold everything in place in heavy rains are applied in one fast step.
  2.  One man can usually run a hydroseeder
  3. Seeding irregular areas such as between a sidewalk and the street, around mulch beds or the narrow areas where mulch beds join with a walk are easy.
  4. Seeding steep hillsides can be done usually without climbing them
  5. Trimming close to houses and walks are easy.
  6. Hydroseeding is seen as a premium service and usually you can charge more yet both your material and labor costs are reduced.  Higher charges and less cost means more profit.
  7. Once hydro seeding comes into an area and customers see what it can do it is the way they prefer to have their lawn seeded.
  8. The problems and mess of straw are eliminated.  Straw will blow off, clump and needs to be raked off.  Straw is labor intensive and can introduce weed seeds to the new lawn.

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