Buying Used

Buying a used Hydro Seeder can be a cost effective way to enter the hydroseeding business. Of course buying used can be a bit of a gamble. Here we will list some places you may be able to find used hydroseeders and some ideas of what to look for.

Where to find used Hydro Seeding Equipment

1. Turbo Turf. We get used units in on trade. Generally we go completely over the units and make sure they operate like new. We often put all new hoses on the unit and our used units usually come with a warranty that give enough time for the buyer to make sure there are no problems with the units. Sometimes our used equipment web page is not updated until we have gone over the units so calling us and asking what we have in used equipment may often be the best way to go. Call us at 800-822-3437 or visit our used equipment page at

2. eBay usually has quite a large listing of used hydroseeding equipment of all brands.

3. The forum on the web site of the International Association of HydroSeeding professionals (IAHP) has a free classified section where owners wanting to sell their used equipment can list the units for sale and post photos. The URL is

4. Lawnsite is a forum for the landscape industry and also has a Marketplace section that is free classifieds. Sometimes there are hydroseeders listed for sale. The URL is

5. Sometimes used hydroseeding equipment can be found on Craigslist.

What to look for in Used Hydro Seeding equipment

Jet agitated systems.

1. It is probably better to avoid home made units since the builder may or may not have known what he was doing.

2. Older Turbo Turf units that have a Kohler Magnum 16 H.P. need to be a little careful in that the Kohler Magnum 16 has been discontinued and parts are hard to get. Replacing the engine with another is fairly expensive.

3. A few manufactures of lower priced machines have used a water pump that was designed to pump clear water not a slurry. They will not perform as well as some of the name brand machines.

4. If the engine is good and the pump is good any other repairs such as replacing hoses, valves or nozzles are not an expensive repair.

5. Check the pump. Jet units use a centrifugal pump which needs little maintenance but sometimes if someone forgot to winterize the units the pump housing will crack. Pump housings are a major part of the pump and can be a little expensive.

Mechanically agitated Hydroseeder/hydroMulchers.

1. One of the biggest concerns with used mechanically agitated units is rust. Sometimes the outside of the machine looks good but if there is rust in the tank pieces of scale will break off and cause nozzle plugs. Keep in mind that some of the less expensive mechanically agitated units use only an epoxy paint which will not last as long as coal tar epoxy the more expensive machines use. Look close inside the tank and particularly at the corners.

2. It isn’t a major issue but if the used unit you are looking at has a gear pump I would suggest checking how many gaskets are left in the pump. Typically after a years use a gear pump will lose pressure and you take one or two gaskets out of the stack in the front of the pump. When you have no more gaskets that can be removed then you rebuild the pump. A gear pump that is about out of gaskets is close to the point where it will need rebuilt.

3. The shaft the paddles are mounted on have rubber gaskets. If they are seeping you may be able to go awhile with them but sooner or later you will need to replace that rubber seal and that is not a real easy project but this too is not a big deal.

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