About I-Hydroseeding

I-HydroSeeding was our first attempt to provide a helpful information site about hydroseeding and to provide a community for those who were interested in the hydroseeding process.  We incorporated features in this site that we thought would be beneficial.  One was a forum where people could learn about hydroseeding and ask questions.  A few years after I-HydroSeeding was launched discussions of our forum led to the formation of the International Association of hydroseeding professionals.

Unfortunately once the IAHP was formed we neglected this site a bit since much of what we wanted to accomplish here was served by the Hydro Seeding Association (the IAHP).  Since we do provide a lot of things here that are not available on the IAHP site we decided to update the site and to stay active in it’s development.

What we offer on I-HydroSeeding.

  1. A link to the forum that started here but is now operated by the IAHP.
  2. A link to our sister site that is one of the best resources for anyone looking for a hydro seeding contractor.  We have one of the largest lists on the internet.
  3. A photo gallery that offers royalty free photos that hydro seeding contractors are welcome to use on their web site.
  4. A guide to the benefits of hydroseeding.
  5. A guide to the care of a newly hydroseeded lawn.
  6. One of the most informative and accurate guides to choosing equipment for hydro seeding.
  7. Want to buy a used hydroseeder.  Our guide can help point you in places where your may be able to find used units.



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