Finding Suppliers

If you are a new hydroseeding contractor finding places to buy your materials can sometimes be difficult. Seed and fertilizer are pretty easy to find and often your local feed or farm supply is a good source. Hydro Seeding Mulch is a little harder to find but not as hard as it might seem. Here are some suggested places to call to find your closest dealer.

Profile Products is the largest manufacturer of hydro seeding supplies. They have more dealers than anyone and will often have a dealer near you. Call them and ask where they have a local dealer.

John Deere Landscapes (formerly Lesco) is owned by the tractor company but it is a completely separate set of stores. John Deere Landscapes concentrates on landscape equipment and supplies. They have hundreds of stores across the country. Give them a call at 800-726-6371 and ask where your closest dealer is.

Applegate has a number of factories across the USA and a new one in Canada.  800-627-7536

Hamilton Equipment makes mulch in Idaho and is a good source for those in the west or Pacific North West. Call and ask where your closest dealer is.  208-733-9689

Ewing Irrigation has 110 stores primarily in the West Coast and South. Visit their web site for a store locator or call 800-343-9464 .

Phoenix Paper is based in Illinois and is has a number of dealers. Call them at 815-368-3343 to see if they have a dealer near you.

National Fiber is based in Massachusetts. If you are in one of the New England states they may have a dealer close to you. 800-282-7711

We have a more complete list of suppliers on our main Turbo Turf web site. Here is a link.


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