Turbo Turf HS-300-E8

Portfolio B300E8

Date:03 Jul, 2015

Skills:The HS-300-E8 is a 300 gallon Hydro Seeding System that seeds 4000 sq. ft. per load, It comes standard with a Honda 8 H.P. engine and a 3" X 3" pump. It also comes with 100 feet of hose and 3 nozzles. With the very affordable pricing this is a great choice for those new to hydroseeding.

Turbo Turf HS-300-E8

The Turbo Turf HS-300-E8 is a 300 gallon hydro seeding system that will seed 4000 square feet per load.  It comes with a Honda 8 HP recoil start engine, 100 feet of 1 1/4″ hose and three nozzles.  It is an affordable unit that is great for someone getting into hydroseeding for the first time.  It combines great power with ease of use and can easily be operated by one person.

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